Natural Process

We take care to keep artificial components away from the process by using completely natural methods in the production process.


We set out as our first principle of sustainability, our priority will always be to benefit the environment first as biologists.

Organic Seeds

We try to obtain our products based on ancestral products that are free from external influences and obtained with completely natural methods.

for a completely natural and healthy quality of life..

Our Services

As MVC Organic, we plan to present in the long term, recycle, organic fertilizer, organic food and organic feed.

250 numberTarget Dealer
200 kg/dayRecycle
150 kg/dayProduction Volume
25 hour/dayExperience Process

We are working hard to provide you with the best service.

Expressing organic products and using them in sentences is quite simple. However, it is a very difficult process to operate a natural recycling process and to create a sustainable work flow plan without harming the environment. 

As two biologists, we try to keep the method and methodology processes up-to-date with the practical and application parts of this process, by incorporating the ever-evolving literature data, and by getting support from subject experts; We are working day and night for an optimized workflow plan.

Healthy Products

With our application methods that do not contain any chemical application, we aim to return to nature, to our essence and to increase our quality of life.

Fast Delivery

We offer a fast and convenient delivery time when needed, as well as affordable costs, without making you suffer by keeping active stocks all the time.

Full of Life

We aim to turn our facility into a closed-circuit living unit with a recycler, not a consumer structure, and aim to return to natural life.

Do you want to work with us?

If you have a nature-loving and environmentally friendly character morality, you are open to development and you think we should share our knowledge on the subject, you should contact us. 

As MVC Organic, our door is open to all natural life and life lovers, especially naturalists!