Distance Sales Agreement


Address: Serhat Mah., 1404. Cadde, D:No:12, 06378 İvedik OSB / Yenimahalle / Ankara.

CUSTOMER: The natural or legal person who buys the products marketed by the www.mvcorganic.com.tr site. (People under the age of 18 cannot shop)
INVOICE: It will be arranged according to the information you provide during the order. Firms invoice information, individuals T.C. Must write complete and correct identification numbers.
PRODUCT / PRODUCTS: Products offered for sale at www.mvcorganic.com.tr.

Order and Delivery

• Orders placed outside of working hours are processed within the first working hour following the order.
• The product is delivered with a contracted courier company within 1 to 7 working days, depending on the distance of your settlement. The customer is informed of delays that may occur due to disruptions in the supply of the product or the extension of the bank approval process, and if he wishes, his order is cancelled.
• For orders with money order, the time when the payment is taken into account, and for orders with cash on delivery, the time of order confirmation by phone is taken as basis.
• If the requested products are not in our stocks, they are provided within 5 (five) working days after the customer is informed.
• The customer must provide the correct delivery address when ordering the product. When the product is delivered to the specified address, the seller fulfills its delivery duty. The seller is not responsible for false information.
• Packages that you find to be damaged during delivery should not be accepted, a report should be kept if possible and we should be notified. If a new delivery is requested, it will be carried out as soon as possible.
• Orders that are not paid within 5 (five) business days are cancelled.

Product Returns

• Within 7 days from the date of delivery, you can return all accessories and the contents of the box in a safe box without destroying the original packaging and without impairing its resaleability. The sales invoice (with all copies) must be submitted with the product. If the invoice is in the name of the company, a return invoice must be issued. If the invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations are non-refundable.
• Any scratches, tears, tape-labels, usage, missing in the box contents, etc. on the original packaging or product. Returns are not accepted if there are problems.
• In case of product return, the shipping cost belongs to the customer.
• The return process starts after determining whether the product complies with the return conditions.
• The reflection of your refund on your account varies according to your payment method. If the payment is made by credit card, when the product return is approved, the bank is instructed to cancel the transaction and the bank starts the refund process. In payments by wire transfer and EFT, the amount is deposited to your bank account number. In case of product return, the shipping cost will be deducted when making a refund.

Other Provisions

• Seller is not responsible for price errors that may occur due to system errors.
• The parties accept this agreement.
• In the implementation of this contract, Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in the BUYER's (Customer) or SELLER's settlement are authorized up to the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Data Security

• Üye olurken verdiğiniz tüm bilgiler ürün veri tabanının korunduğu sistemle korunmaktadır.
• Mvcorganic.com.tr, kullanıcılardan derlediği kişisel ve hassas bilgileri yasal gereklilikler dışında, kullanıcı onayı olmaksızın hiçbir nedenle açıklamamayı, söz konusu bilgileri üçüncü şahıslarla veya kurumlarla paylaşmamayı ve kötüye kullanmamayı taahhüt eder.
• You can unsubscribe at any time.
• If you unsubscribe, all your information will be deleted and not used against your will.

User Security and Privacy

Mvcorganic.com.tr uses the general user information (such as name-surname, e-mail, address, telephone) that you enter while becoming a member only to make the services provided by the site more effective. These services are; such as informing users about price reductions and campaigns, delivering your orders with contracted cargo companies, invoicing the products or services you have purchased.

User Considerations

In addition to all the security measures taken by the site, it is important for the user to take some security measures. Your browser's security settings should be at the highest level and up-to-date, necessary anti-virus etc. such as installing software, not keeping your passwords or important personal information in writing on your computer.