Sustainable Production Technologies

Günümüz kanseri olan tüketim psikolojisini kıramayacağımız için, Doğa’nın desteğiyle sürdürülebilir bir üretim prensip mekanizması oluşturarak, takip etmeye çalışıyoruz!

Reducing water consumption

Generation of productive generations

Supporting organic production

Removal of artificial compounds

Pharmacological and cosmetic support

Multi Vital Concept Organic Products

MVC Organic

What are we doing?

In our sustainability-oriented production activities, both recycling, and as a result of our efforts to create a closed ecosystem with a self-sufficient system approach, we try to place our products in our store and offer them at an accessible cost.


We are here for all sentences that start with organic.

As vital products that are most needed and included in active consumption today, we are trying to get rid of the components that we need to get rid of the most and to reach the nature, nature and organic cycle by not returning to our essence. 

Within our focus are as Organic Food in particular, Organic Feed, Organic Oil, Organic Fertilizer, Organic Agriculture, Organic livestock, Organic Livestock, Organic Nutrition and we try to include them in our research. By using natural and organic components, assimilating the soil that is our source of life, treating the soil and the plant with respect in the cycle, certified free of additives organic products.

Vermicompost production, Mushroom Farming, Flour worm breeding, etc., which can be given as examples of multi-disciplinary field productions. We respect and follow the activities shown in the amateur and professional field for years. However, when we evaluate it both naturally and economically in the commercial field, we, like all of us, are aware that the production levels are quite low due to the current demand, and that the supply will be insufficient even in relation to the target demand that will be created with high-level information activities.

When using the word Organic in the products included in our projects, of course, it will be our greatest desire to act with the support of different institutions by working with many expert opinions and accredited institutions. 

Regardless of the big or small, who do not leave us alone on this path, who do not spare their efforts and who listen and support our projects without saying short or long; We would like to thank all our heart partners.

Stay with us, with science, knowledge and well-being.

Renewable Resources

We want to be able to use existing resources in a recyclable way, to make use of even the last point of each component.

We aim to stay away from external components in accordance with the organic concept by consuming as little water as possible during the production stages and making use of renewable resources.

Research / Development

We know that we have to constantly update ourselves by making use of the academic field and existing literature data!

Production and Development

It is our primary goal to optimize internal recovery through efficient resource consumption and the use of recyclable materials.